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A personal time management tool that helps kids and adults alike tell time and stay on task. The key is Time Timer’s intuitive design that animates the passage of time on its unique watch face. Time Timer also functions as an alarm and timer. 

Communicative 3


  • Time management and telling time can help kids communicate needs and understand schedules and routines.  
  • Specific language as it relates to time telling can be practiced as they communicate what they see on the watch for example, “quarter to,” “half past,” or “ten to.”
  • Children can use the Time Timer Watch Plus™   to initiate conversations such as, “It is noon. I can’t wait to see what is for lunch today.”

Cognitive 3


  • The watch face animates the progression of time with a colored, digital display, allowing the child to focus on the parts of the clock she needs to in order to tell time.
  • Memory and recall skills can be targeted as children learn and remember such things as how many seconds are in a minute, minutes in an hour, etc.
  • The Time Timer Watch Plus™ includes digital and analog time supporting time management, math concepts (passage of time) and numbers. 

Social/Emotional 3


  • Children can use the watch to practice telling the time to others, and explaining how the watch works.
  • Kids can feel a sense of independence as they are put in charge of monitoring their own time as they use the watch, alarm, and timer to stay on schedule with activities like getting schoolwork done, regulating playtime, or managing medications.
  • The Time Timer Watch Plus™ supports time management while promoting independence as kids have “control” over their schedules and transitions using the watch.

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Watch PLUS

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Physical Yes
Sensory Yes
Communicative Yes
Cognitive Yes
Social/Emotional Yes