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The CLAW is a tool that can be used to teach kids the tripod grasp, also known as, the pencil grip. This grip is necessary for everyday skills like properly holding pens, pencils and other writing utensils. The CLAW design consists of cups that determine finger position so that kids have a guide for perfect practice. The cups allow kids to properly position their fingers in the tripod grasp while the pencil, pen or other writing utensil is fitted into the sling in the middle of the CLAW to hold it all in place. The CLAW comes in 3 sizes to fit a variety of finger sizes.

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  • The CLAW is designed to familiarize children with holding a writing utensil, allowing them to improve their pencil grip and express themselves through activities like writing and drawing.
  • Writing gives children an outlet to practice expressive language. The CLAW allows kids to write proficiently and eases frustrations of proper pencil grip.
  • Early literacy is the foundation for reading and writing. Promoting proper finger grasp through the CLAW with crayons, markers and other writing utensils can heighten handwriting skills needed for school. 

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  • The CLAW is a tangible experience for children to learn to properly hold a pencil. This skill allows them to develop the hand strength and dexterity needed for other everyday activities.
  • The CLAW can help kids write legibly and reduce the strain on the hand, making hand writing more efficient.
  • The CLAW can assist kids that have developed improper pencil grip and retrain their hands and fingers to efficiently use a writing utensil.
  • Fine motor skills are honed as kids place their fingers in the cups to correctly position their thumb, index and middle fingers needed for a proper tripod grasp. 

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  • The CLAW can be used to develop essential life skills such as using a fork or spoon to feed oneself.
  • With the increased ability to hold a writing utensil, children can freely express themselves creatively through drawings, coloring, and writing.  
  • Children have the ability to choose what color CLAW they want to put on their pencil, giving them the freedom of expression.
  • The CLAW tool is inclusive, allowing kids of all abilities to utilize the product to support proper pencil grip. 

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Writing CLAW

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